Sangral® Urea Phosphate

Sangral® Urea Phosphate is an acidified nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) source.
  • Unique as the strongest acid fertilizer in dry, crystalline form, facilitating safe and convenient handling.
  • Contains 18% nitrogen (N) and 44% phosphorus (P2O5). As it is fully water soluble and a strong acidifier, it contributes to an optimal nutrient distribution, prevents the blocking of irrigation systems and improves the nutrient uptake efficiency.
  • Can be used in fertigation, band application, water soluble NPK production and foliar applications. It is particularly suitable for calcareous and alkaline soil conditions.

Total ureic nitrogen content (N) 17,5%
Total phosphorus content (P2O3) 44,0%
Total phosphorus content (P) 19,2%
Solubility (g/l at 20°C) 960
Moisture content <0,3%
EC (1 g/l at 25°C, in mS/cm) 1,5
pH (in 1% solution) 1,8
 pH (in 0,05% solution)  2,8
FormCrystalline, odorless powde