Sangral® Calmag+Zn

  • Sangral® Calmag + Zn is a fully water-soluble NPK, which combines three macro nutrients + one micro element: calcium, magnesium, nitrate nitrogen and zinc. This unique nutrient combination will stimulate the plant structure, increase the photosynthetic capacity and rapid leaf mass development during the vegetative stage of plant growth. Sangral® Calmag + Zn stimulates a fast plant reaction because of the synergistic action for nutrient uptake between nitrates, and calcium, magnesium.
  • Due to its high zinc content, Sangral® Calmag + Zn has been perfectly adapted to growing conditions in Middle East soil, where zinc deficiency is common.
  • Sangral® Calmag + Zn can be used in fertigation and foliar applications. Due to its unique nutrient composition, calcium, magnesium and zinc deficiency can be avoided with one single treatment.
  • Sangral® Calmag + Zn can be used in vegetables (tomato, cucumber, pepper), fruit trees (apple, grape), and other crops with growth stages of high need for calcium and magnesium.
  • Zinc is fully chelated with IDHA.

Total nitrogen 13,5%
Nitric nitrogen (N-NO3) 13,1%
Ammonium nitrogen (N-NH4) 0,4%
Calcium oxide (CaO) 16%
Magnesium oxide (MgO) 6,0%
Zinc (Zn) IDHA 0,2%